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256 Solutions

Empowering Businesses with Targeted IT Solutions



Giving your company a one-stop-shop for all of your IT needs.  Whether your business is growing beyond your ability to manage everything yourself, or you've lost confidence in your existing provider and want a second opinion, 256 Solutions is here to help.



Cyberattacks and ransomware are real.  256 Solutions uses industry-leading solutions from Fortinet to help protect your company from attacks.  Already a victim?  256 Solutions partners with one of the area's best providers of security services to help get your company back up and running.


Alex, Partner
CBM Chartered Professional Accountants LLP

When COVID hit we were really concerned with how we were going to service our customers.  256 Solutions setup a secure work from home solution quickly ensuring we were still able to service our clients.

Brad, President
Exclusive Services

Our previous provider was no longer able to keep up with the ever-changing security needs for our environment.  256 Solutions worked hand in glove with our cyber security partner to design a network and backup system that was better position to protect us.

Anthony, Owner
Olivieri Dental

256 Solutions helped design a new network and video surveillance system for our office.  Afterwards they've been a great partner helping us out any time we had trouble.  Howard and the team have always responded to our issues quickly and professionally.

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