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Managed IT Services Provider

COVID-19 has changed the way companies work together and work with their customers and vendors.  The wide adoption of working from home has increased a company’s attack surface by spreading out workers all across the region, and in some cases across the world.

256 Solutions can help your company create an effective work-from-home strategy that puts security and productivity at the forefront. 


While we hear about cyberattacks on banks, hospitals and governments It’s important to understand that most attacks are actually perpetrated against small businesses.  These companies have traditionally poor security practices in their workplaces and often have no onsite IT resources. Their networks are unmonitored, and their backup processes are weak.  This makes small businesses a particularly attractive target for ransomware and other attacks.

With the IT landscape changing constantly no one can be an expert in all things.  That's why 256 Solutions partners with industry-leading companies to provide services your company needs.

Our Team

Our Partners

Telephony, IaaS

Established in 2008, System Lifeline has built an incredible array of products and services.  256 Solutions provides voice services built on the SLL Network that provides service to thousands of extensions across Canada and growing.

SD-WAN, Networking, and EDR

Protect your business network with enterprise-grade hardware and a fully managed and supported firewall from FortiNET.  Protect your servers and workstations with the industry leading FortiEDR

Cybersecurity Experts

Armour Cybersecurity’s holistic approach to  business needs ensures that the critical assets are protected in a cost-effective manner.  Armour Cybersecurity are security experts that can provide penetration testing, security and disaster planning, and forensic analysis in the event of a cyber-attack.


256 Solutions is an authorized vendor for Lenovo's business computer and server lineup.  We have access to one of the largest catalogues of office computers, laptops, tablets, and servers and can procure any equipment your office needs to operate at its best.

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