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Fortinet Renewals

You did the research and you chose Fortinet.  Congratulations, we did the same!  What we're hearing from customers in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, the Niagara Region and beyond however is when it comes to renewing your Forticare and ensuring your services are protecting you and your business sometimes renewals aren't going as smoothly as they should. 


The most common problem?  People forget about the renewal dates and the services simply expire leaving your business without the critical security updates the good people at Fortinet are releasing.


Ensure continuous protection with our seamless Fortinet renewal and upgrade services. At 256 Solutions, we manage your FortiCare subscriptions, whether they are current, expiring, or expired, to provide uninterrupted security and support for your business.

Even if you originally purchased from another supplier or partner, we can easily transfer your account to us. Once transferred, we'll handle all your Fortinet renewals, sending you automatic renewal quotes every year. This way, you stay protected without the hassle of dealing with the renewal process on your own.

We can renew your Fortigate Forticare.  We suggest the Fortigate Enterprise Threat Protection bundle as it provides the best value.  We can also do multi-year renewals and can include your other Fortinet hardware including switches, access points and more.   

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